Monday, February 28, 2011

its funny how,

people can be all about appearances...

for example, I will throw a party for charity charge everyone 5 bucks and then donate all the proceeds. Sounds like a great idea awesome you care about charity. You have a heart and now you look good to everyone on the outside. Then you get a level deeper with this, I will throw a party for charity but when people show up with no cash on them it turns into " you don't have money to pay for the charity, you must have no soul" harsh. Then I will continue by harassing you some more and while I am at it I will cuss at you ( guy cussing at girl never okay, girl cussing at you he prob deserved it)  Like I said its all about the appearance, on the surface this is for charity. I am a goodhearted person, level deeper and bam. True colors start to arise, this most be what it is like for "tom" from tom shoes, bet the guy is a total dbag. He must be trying to charge 60 bucks for some canvas shoes with no arch support.  I am starting to ramble and sound like the social network, so I have enough. Rant over.

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