Friday, December 17, 2010

Day 9: Two things you wish you could do

1. I wish I wish I was a fish
2. if I could be a cheeeeeeta girl that could be cool. 

I figured I was close to being done with this so I should just finish it, I think most of this questions are pretty lame tho. 

my lovely loves.

gabe and I last christmas!
christmas time is here, I get to see my family soon so thats kinda nice. We are pretty much crazy our family holidays aren't your typical american christmas. We laugh, we cry, and get locoo! 

btw, center stage is on netflix and that just about made my life. 

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Day 8: Three words you can’t go a day without using.

threee words? we are ganna go with phrases instead,

1.) hey babe ( this phrase is said to pretty much anyone who calls me, if we are on a calling bases I get to call you mah babe. I dont care who you are my mom, my brother, coworker, classmate etc etc... 
If I take time out of my busy schedule to answer your phone call you are mah babe. 

2.) kiss me, just because I say this doesn't mean you should actually kiss me. 9 times out of 10, you shouldn't kiss me. 

3.) whaaattt theee fuhhhh, no explanation needed. 


Tuesday, December 14, 2010


 this album found its way back into my cd player, pretty much been making my life couldnt be better.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

"wrapped up in you"

winter formal was last night and yes they played the ymca, yes they played christmas music. This is all expected at a Mormon dance of course. I was lucky enough to have a super funn date,we had a blast! We pretty much owned the dance floor and made the best of it. Yes I did "teach him how to dougie", everyone wished they where as cool as us, unfortunately that will never be possible but better luck next time. My adviser is amazing, my gals are amazing, date was smokkkinn, and the night was a complete success.
this was the test run which I personally think came out best

yes, we are brilliant

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Day 7: Four memories you won’t forget

 four memories is a lot, and saying I will never forget is not realistic seeing as I have a terrible memory. I will share this memory with you, the summer before moving to utah was a summer of crazy bliss. Beach, parties, friends, and of coursee guysss.  Would I go back to this summer? I am not sure mostly part of my past, if you where to think of how a summer should be while you you are young this was it.

last night I heard this this song and did it take me backkk...

I miss my summer skin, I miss being tan, beautiful and wearing my rainbows everyday.

spent alot of time here.

my last happy day of bliss with the love of my life before my move.     

glad I a going home soon, being reunited with all the things&&people I love.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Day 6: Five things you can’t live without.

1. my cell phone, I know it sounds petty but honestly.
2. Internet ( this includes facebook,email,tumblr,thisblog and everything else you do online)
3. My car it gets me places and I am not a fan of walking seeing as it is winter now.
4. smart water I love it taste sooo good! 
5. currently, ( not sure how long this obsession will last. I hope very long!) the gym

I know that  just did songs I'm obsessed with but, this one is really good brings me the up most joy, its pretty funny as well. People can be so dense at times. I saw her play this live and I just about died.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


warehouse  sale is this weeek! I reluctantly attended last year, my only regret was not buying a pair this year I will redeem myself and get a sweet pair of kicks! While I am really not much of a sneaker girl, I feel like its time to convert because I live in a place where seasons exist and my feet might get cold. I need shoes that actually have traction on the bottom to avoid falling on mine. While some people may enjoy my unfortunate tumbles and I do have enough cushioning it would be nice to avoid it. 

hopefully something along these lines!
I encourage everyone to go, not that anyone reads this which is actually good because then you will not sell my shoes.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Day 5: Six songs that you’re addicted to

lately my song addictions have been kinda pathetic so please forgive me I promise I have good taste, I swear. 

so please for give me and in no particular order here it goes, 

1. chemo limousine- Regina Spektor
2. Valerie - Glee
3. remember last time- Avi Buffalo
4. 1,000 times a day - Early November 
5. my girls -Animal Collective 
6. Anything from the across the universe soundtrack, pretty much amazing.

"1,000 times a day I'll tell you I love the way you sing, even though it makes me cry its my favorite time to be alive and all I know I feel lost with out you, I miss you is not enough."

I forgot how much I love that song I haven't heard it in ages, it takes me back to so many good memories and now some new ones.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Day 4: Seven fears/phobias.

this is pretty much going to be the hardest because as neurotic as I can be sometimes, I am not that afraid of anything. If I had to really dig down and think of a list this is what it would consist of:

1. being raped
2. my family being killed in a tragic car accident. 
3. The second coming
4. disappointing my mother or bring shame upon the family name in anyway shape of form
5. Ending up divorced/ ending up alone. 
6. people hearing me pee
7. having car trouble and getting stranded not knowing what to do. 

I don't think any of these are real fears of phobias, but they are all really unfortunate events and if any of them where to happen I would really not be a big fan. I guess they could count as fears because they would all bring me anxiety? who knows. for the most part I would love to believe I am fear less, so we will stick to that story.


if my hair could look like this that would be really cool, kthxbye.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Day 3: Eight things that annoy you.

1. Waking up earlier then I actually needed too 
2. utah drivers
3. being called mexican
4. When people get in my personal space/ bubble
5. when its snowing, and well just snow in general.
6. When I get hated on for being a jazz fan, yes I am from L.A but that does not mean I support the maddness that would be called the Lakers. 
7. when people treat me like I have no brain
8. "indieeeeeeeeekiddddddssss/hippppssstteeeerrrsss"

lets do this, mkthxbye

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Day 2: Nine things you do everyday

1. wake up
2. brush my teeth
3. eat
4. text
5. facebook
6. drive
7. sleeep
8. tweet
9. pray
I wish I could say pray read the scriptures write in my journal, but that wouldnt be completly honest defiantly something I am working on. so maybe next time I will be able to say I do.

I am thuper duper exciting! but you know what was exciting last nights glee for sure!

 sooooooo gooooooooooddd!I thought I was going to not like the fact they sang florence and the machine last night but really they did it the up most justice! The fact that Tina and Mercedes sang it made it even better. I thought I wasn't ganna like glee the season but finally the drama we all know and love is back! Pretty much better then ever I would have too say!